Eskew HomesteadWe moved out to our current home on 5 acres a couple of years ago after deciding that a place like this would help us and our children get back to nature and spend more time together outside.  There were other factors as well, of course, like growing our own food, building a self-sufficient homestead and living a more simple way of life by embracing our strong DIY ideals.  This helped us in many respects, but there is still a lot to learn and share, hence this weblog.

This is a place for us to share our recipes, our brewing techniques, our homestead projects, our gardening ideas and stories of trying to live more responsibly.  Often, people who move towards a better quality of life by embracing simpler living are called luddites.  We couldn’t be further from that description.  We are not scared of technology, quite the opposite actually (I’m a Linux engineer by trade).  As long as it doesn’t get in our way or push us to laziness, we embrace technology and look for ways to use it to progress and make things more efficient in our lives.  We also think it’s quite important that our children grow up knowing where food comes from.  It’s sad to see so many kids these days that think their food just comes from the market.  Knowing ones surroundings and where their livelihood comes from is something that is very important to us.

We promise not to take ourselves too seriously, as we just want a place to share information.  Thanks for stopping by.

The Eskew’s

Tate, Amy, Daniel & Ruby

Pets:  Layla the German Shepherd and Terri the cat

Friends and Family

We have incredible friends and family and as they contribute to the weblog, we will list them here.


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